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This single-minded focus on thin clients and commitment to product quality is at the core of what VXL represents today together with a passion to support companies around the world to successfully build efficient IT infrastructures that are flexible, secure, manageable and affordable.


Through technology partnerships with Microsoft and Citrix since 1996 and VMware since 2005, VXL is committed to delivering innovative solutions to its customers. The commitment to innovation coupled with our partnerships with the world's largest systems integrators fuel the company strategy of achieving 25% market share by 2015.


VXL's product portfolio is recognised by the market as the most comprehensive available. VXL uniquely offers the largest range of hardware devices with multiple operating systems (Gio Linux, Sylph-OS, Windows CE, XP-Embedded, Windows Embedded Standard (WES 2009) and WES 7-E) and includes Entry-Level, Mid-Range and High- Performance Desktops, Xtona & Vtona Zero Clients,  AiO (All in One) models and the very latest, VXL-Lenovo thin ThinkPad notebooks. Furthermore, VXL’s own innovative ‘XLmanage’ device management software also provides administrators with the ability to effectively manage devices remotely across a network.


VXL Thin Clients – Think Thin! That’s All We Do.

At VXL, excellence is a way of life and our thin client technology helps enterprises build manageable, secure, flexible and scalable IT infrastructures. Representing our widest range of Zero, Desktop and Notebook thin clients to date, all models incorporate space-saving designs, low power consumption and feature no moving parts or noise from fans or hard drives. What’s more, all VXL thin clients are designed deliver increased operator productivity benefitting from faster operation and far less office down time.


A comprehensive line-up of operating systems are also available across the VXL model range, including PXE, SUSE, Sylph-OS, Gio Linux, Windows CE 6.0, XPe, WES 2009 and the latest WES 7-E for an efficient and powerful thin client with the right balance of features for environments needing a Windows user interface.


To find out which VXL’s thin clients can work harder for you, consider the operating systems and click on respective models in the chart below.



Gary Cullen

BDM /Pre-sales Consultant

+64 9 415 5307