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Why Riverbed


Riverbed delivers performance for the globally connected enterprise.

With Riverbed®, enterprises can successfully and intelligently implement strategic initiatives such as virtualization, consolidation, cloud computing, and disaster recovery, without fear of compromising performance.

When organizations consolidate IT and move to cloud environments, the distance created between users and their data often results in high-latency and reduced bandwidth. Riverbed WAN optimization, network performance management, and cloud storage solutions enable enterprises to overcome these drawbacks. At Riverbed we make it easy to understand, optimize, and accelerate IT, so that organizations can build a fast, fluid, and dynamic IT architecture.

Our award-winning line of WAN optimization solutions gives businesses an order-of-magnitude increase in the performance and value of their existing IT infrastructure and mission-critical applications. The applications we accelerate include file sharing, email, backup, document management systems, IT tools, and ERP and CRM solutions.


Why Westcon Group for Riverbed


As a strong strategic partner, we offer superior account management backed by a dedicated team of responsive and reliable experts who are totally focused on your business, we are the biggest distributor of Riverbed in NZ and provide our partners with experience, knowledge, access to skilled technical resource, evaluations, proof of concepts but also the reassurance that we will protect our partners by maximising programmes around pricing and discounts.

We are also the only distributor in NZ that is a certified Riverbed Authorized Support Partner (RASP) RASP  which enables us to partner with Riverbed to jointly develop and deliver customer support solutions that drive customer loyalty and generate additional value for the partner, Riverbed, and the customer. Effectively providing a superior level of local support at a cost effective price for our customers.


Riverbed 101





 wan  Cloud  cONSOLIDATION  
 Riverbed WAN Optimization solutions helps customers to scale their existing bandwidth and realize more performance and control. They can enjoy up to 20X more effective capacity and accelerate enterprise applications up to 50X. Customers have transformed their WANs from bottlenecks into enablers for where they want to go. More

 If customers want to build a private cloud or leverage public cloud offerings, Riverbed solutions can help them realize all the promised benefits and avoid all the performance pitfalls. They can migrate quickly to their dream of cloud servers and storage, and simplify their service delivery around the world. More


 Riverbed® provides key enabling technologies for enterprise-wide consolidation between data centers, from remote locations, and within branch offices. With Riverbed, organizations can gain the visibility to intelligently consolidate infrastructure, reduce cost and complexity, and deliver high-performance IT to end-users, regardless of their location. More


 Our customers can accelerate their enterprise applications and increase their business productivity globally, with Riverbed solutions for high performance file sharing, email, web, ERP, CRM, CAD, and many more. They can improve collaboration and communication in their organization with high quality voice and video delivery. More

 Visibility helps customers understand their enterprise IT infrastructure at a glance, analysis lets customers drill down to identify and resolve issues fast, and control enables customers to manage performance everywhere. Riverbed solutions combine these to empower customers like never before. More


 Customers can streamline their IT infrastructure, boost business performance, and control costs with Riverbed solutions. Customers can reduce network bandwidth costs, realize economies of scale with consolidation and virtualization, and leverage the cloud to pay for only what they need, only when they need it. As a result, customers can achieve a payback in months, and show an amazing ROI. More















 Customers can protect more data, more often, and recover faster with Riverbed solutions. They can backup their branch office data, replicate between their data centers, and build the business continuity plan they need to minimize risk of data loss and downtime. Our customers can start enjoying the simple economics of cloud storage, too. More







James Hockly

Vendor Business Manager