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Overland Storage's vision is to deliver effortless storage solutions for data management and data protection across the data  lifecycle. Whether data is being stored as primary, nearline, offline, archival  or in the cloud, Overland has a solution that is simple, intuitive and cost effective and is innovating seamless, centralized management across all tiers of information.


Besides its people, a company’s data is one of its most critical assets. Keeping that data stored, accessible and  secure has become increasingly complex and expensive as companies are faced  with massive data growth, increasingly stringent regulatory requirements and  distributed environments that can range from across the hall to across the globe.


Overland Storage understands how each device fits within an overall IT infrastructure and it has worked hard to  ensure that each Overland solution is able to easily and quickly be deployed  and managed within an existing IT environment without adding an additional  layer of complexity. Overland makes each system truly intuitive for the  administrator and is continuing the innovation of new features, products,  solutions, and services to deliver on its vision of effortless data. 


Award-Winning Product Line Spanning the Entire Data Lifecycle

SnapServer® NAS and SAN data management  solutions

SnapServer®network attached storage (NAS) and storage area network (SAN) solutions offer the  ideal mix of price/performance systems for remote offices, workgroups,  departments, and distributed enterprises. Offering both fixed capacity systems  and highly scalable systems with capacity from 1TB to hundreds of Terabytes,  the entire family of Overland SnapServers feature the legendary ease of use and  "set it and forget it" reliability that minimize the demand for IT  resources and lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of data storage.

REO®; SERIES: Disk-based backup and  recovery solutions

Organizations that want to enhance backup and recovery processes can deploy  Overland’s family of purpose-built, disk-based backup and recovery appliances.  All REO appliances provide maximum flexibility with the ability to be  configured as any combination of virtual tape libraries, stand alone virtual tape  drives and/or disk volumes. Only the REO Series includes patent-pending Dynamic  Virtual Tape™ (DVT) technology, which ensures that no storage capacity is  wasted while eliminating the manual effort and guesswork of sizing,  configuring, provisioning, and deleting virtual tape cartridges.

NEO® SERIES: Tape backup and archive solutions for the enterprise  and beyond

Overland's award-winning family of scalable libraries, the NEO Series, provides  reliable data protection with nonstop operation, expansion on demand,  investment protection, remote library management, and one and two gigabyte per  second serverless backup in a SAN environment. The NEO 8000 is a data center  class library that provides industry-leading performance, data availability,  and scalability up to 800TB of storage with 400TB per 19-inch rack footprint.



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