IBM Connect 2015

05/05/15 10:30 – 05/05/15 04:15 Auckland

Location :Auckland

ibm connect

Data and analytics are crucial to the future of business. That much is clear. However, questions about digital transformation have evolved beyond the what and why. Marketers around the world are now asking how.


How will the Internet of Things help me understand and connect with my customers?

How can data and analytics shape my CRM strategy?

How are my mobile-enabled customers creating data I can leverage for engagement?

How can social media help me make more informed decisions about customer engagement?

How can I transform the customer experience without a degree in data science and technology?


This “how” is the focus of IBM® Connect 2015. You’ll hear from industry experts who have answered these questions to deliver remarkable ROI for their organisations. Join us as we explore the new world of data and analytics with inspiring talks and interactive zones from those at the leading edge.




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