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18/09/13 09:00 – 18/09/13 18:00

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Contact centre technology is not reserved for call centres.  The technologies and methodologies pioneered by call centres are now being implemented in all Smart businesses today.  The CyTrack suite of software applications combined with our partners telephony, CRM & database platforms transform businesses and how they operate in a modern world.

  • Communicate with customers in any way
  • Automate and control business processes
  • Meet legislation and deepen business intelligence reporting
  • Survey, measure and build customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Evaluate, train and motivate your team

Join our Webinar to learn about the modular
CyTrack range of applications and how
you can build a Smarter Business for your Customers


Thursday 26th September, 2013 11:00am NZST

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All Attendees will receive our Business Intelligence Summary e-book that shows you 20 of the most powerful reports and covers explanation of the analysis that can be obtained from our Business Intelligence tool CyReport. These reports have been designed and refined by CyTrack customers who are experts in their own field– learn by their experience with our free e-book today.


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